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Patient Services

Integrative Functional Medicine Consultation

Dr. Donna Grandi develops a customized Health and Wellness plan using integrative test kits that incorporates integrative medicine and integrative psychiatry principles.  This therapeutic approach includes traditional and functional medicine diagnostic and treatment for psychiatric and mental health conditions, neuroendocrine, autoimmune, intestinal ecology, immune system dysregulation and detoxifications conditions. These consultations are provided to children, adolescents, women and men throughout the lifespan.

Integrative Physical and Mental Health and Wellness Evaluation

An Integrative (Traditional Allopathic-Naturopathic Functional Medicine) approach to your Physical and Mental Health and Wellness that is uniquely designed for your individual needs.

Modalities include but not limited to:

Personalized Bioidentical Hormone Balancing for Females and Males

Personalized functional medicine comprehensive hypothalamus-pituitary adrenal-gonad axis testing while integrating holistic principles of biopsychosocial spiritual influences affecting an individual’s health and wellbeing. Therapeutic treatment encompasses all components of bioidentical health and regenerative anti-aging through a custom integrative bioidentical restorative program developed to address one’s personal health and wellness goals.

Personalized Functional Medicine Targeted Nutrition Therapy

Therapeutic approach based on comprehensive personalized testing with applied evidence based restorative custom nutrition.

Personalized Functional Medicine Applied Botanical Therapy

Therapeutic approach based on comprehensive personalized testing with applied evidenced based restorative botanical formula’s.

Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Counseling

The therapeutic practice of integration of mindfulness practice which promotes stress reduction along with self-awareness and insight that fosters one to begin to identify maladaptive negative patterns of thoughts and feelings that opens alternate options new healthy adaptive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Transpersonal Psychiatric and Psychological Counseling

The therapeutic integration of bio medical aspects of psychiatry with the transpersonal aspects of psychology and spirituality. The core principles extend beyond the Biopsychosocial model of medicine to a Biopsychosocial Spiritual model of medicine. This expansion begins by raising consciousness through self -awareness practices such as breath, prayer, meditation, movement, sound, visualization, imagery and somatic experience that fosters a higher state of consciousness and insight. This expanded state fosters an individual to transcend beyond the physical and toward a higher state of human development, healing and expansion of one’s integral being.

Conditions evaluated and treated by

Dr. Grandi

Neuroendocrine Disorders

Peri Post Menopause


Postpartum Dysphoria

Premenstrual Syndrome




Pregnancy Support

Cervical and Breast Health

Thyroid Disorders

Metabolic Syndrome

Obesity Diabetes

Psychiatric Disorders

Major Depression

Bipolar Disorder (s)

Social Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety

Panic Disorder

OCD and Phobia

Traumatic Brain Injury


Loss and Grief

Binge Eating Disorder




Children’s Mental Health Conditions

Proprio Sensory Disorders

Reactive Attachment Disorder



Autism Spectrum Disorders



Disruptive Mood

Dysregulation Disorder

Additional Personalized Integrative Health and Wellness Consultation

Preventive Health Consultation

Longevity Anti Aging

Pro Athletic Support

Personalized Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Genomic Testing