Practice Policies

Dr. Grandi typically meets with patients [Monday-Friday] at scheduled times approximately between the hours of [8am-5pm].  If you have emailed Dr. Grandi during those days and times, she is likely meeting with scheduled patients.  On days that Dr. Grandi is seeing clients she will check her email often and will reply to the best of her ability.

If your email is regarding time sensitive clinical issues it is best to email Nadine at office@holisticintegrativepsychiatry.net for an on demand Telehealth appointment. If your email is regarding a chronic issue please self schedule an appointment or email Nadine if you need accommodations. Email is not an appropriate venue for delivering therapy or medication management.  

NOTE: If you receive an auto-reply outside of my usual office hours, then Dr. Grandi may not receive your email until the next scheduled patient day.  

As a professional service provider on the team Dr. Grandi focuses only on clinical care.  If you have any client support related issues or concerns outside of clinical care, such as scheduling, payment or other matters, please see the specific emails below for reference.  


Patient Support Team:

Medication Refills: Medical guidelines require a follow up appointment prior to refilling your medication (s). You must attend a follow up appointment for Dr. Grandi to refill your medication. For a rare unexpected occurrence please email Dr. Grandi at office@holisticintegrativepsychiatry.net

Test results require a follow up appointment.

Please self-schedule your appointment so that (a) we may review your results and (b) you may receive a copy of your results.

Routine Appointment Self-Scheduling: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/DNFBPQ/services 

New Patient, Scheduling and Medical Record Inquiries office@holisticintegrativepsychiatry.net

Financial Inquiries office@holisticintegrativepsychiatry.net

Financial inquiries include educational webinar membership, private fee payment, integrative test and supplement payments.

Skin Care Support and Inquiries office@holisticintegrativepsychiatry.net

Because Dr. Grandi’s availability is by both scheduled and on demand for urgent appointments, please understand that email replies will be brief and may be delayed. Patient Support is available to ensure you have the support you need outside of appointments. Because occasionally the unexpected occurs, Dr. Grandi may have an emergency herself – if you experience a particularly long delay in receiving a reply, feel free to check with patient support to find out if the in-office hours have changed.