Skincare health is a high priority in Integrative Health and Wellness. Integrative Skincare health and wellness addresses both the internal and external factors in order to enhance your health and wellness.

As the skin is the largest organ in our body, it serves as the first line of defense of our external and internal systems such as vital organs, nervous, arterial, venous and immune-lymphatic systems. The skin externally protects us from our daily environment. Our environment includes our daily exposures to solar UV rays, blue light from informatic technology and the sub technology that serves these areas such as cell tower cables, gas and electric lines, ground and air travel, primary and secondary air, wind and water pollution. These external exposures combined with our inherent traits such as genetics, epigenetics, learned behaviors and lifestyle contribute to the physiologic determination of your state of skin health.

Thus, we are proudly introducing Priori, our first Integrative skincare line that complements our Integrative Skin Care Practice.

Priori: Our New Skincare Line

The Priori scientists have developed an integrative line that incorporates the scientific underpinnings of skin health. Priori uses an array of cell targeted minerals and botanicals to enhance protection, hydrate, regenerate, and brighten all ages and skin types across the lifespan.

In support of our Integrative Skincare Practice we now have a monthly blog that focuses on a particular skin issue or concern and proactive steps you can take for optimal skincare health and wellness. We invite you to schedule a personalized comprehensive Integrative Skincare Consultation.

In Support of Your Health and Wellness To All,

Dr. Donna Grandi